Vascular Lesions

Hemangiomas, port wine stains, birthmarks, leg veins, and spider veins are among the vascular lesions that our lasers can treat without incisions, downtime, or discomfort.

Vascular Lesions in Warner Robins, GA

Laser light, in general, works to constrict blood vessels while causing no harm to the surrounding tissue. Leg veins and spider veins vanish, and vascular imperfections on the face, such as rosacea, fade away. The most advanced technologies are used in Southern Aesthetics’ vascular lesions products.

Our vascular lesion treatment is a more precise alternative to pulse-dyed lasers, which have been the gold standard in benign vascular lesions for the past 20 years. The laser treatment reduces side effects and downtime by delivering the same powerful wavelength via a more versatile and controlled method.

The vascular lesion laser treatment is designed to treat a wide range of vascular lesions in all skin types in a safe and effective manner. These lasers have a larger beam size and higher energy outputs, allowing them to treat even the most difficult vascular flaws. Treatments are delivered quickly, evenly, and in a comfortable manner.

A Nd:YAG handpiece is used in the vascular lesion laser treatment, which is an effective wavelength for targeting benign vascular lesions.


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What are spider veins?

Spider veins are a web-like cluster of small red or purple-colored veins that appear close to the surface of the skin. Spider veins occur when the valves inside the vein start malfunctioning, causing the blood to subsequently pool inside the vein.

What is sclerotherapy, and what does it treat?

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical procedure used to treat spider veins and varicose veins. As explained above, a solution is injected into the damaged vein, causing the flow of blood to cut off as it shrinks. Once the vein has collapsed completely, the veins will scar and fade away. This process forces the blood to re-route itself into other healthy veins, getting rid of any spider or varicose veins. This therapy should not be applied to the face and hands.

When the sclerosant, an FDA approved sclerotherapy solution, is injected into the vein, it irritates the inner lining of the blood vessel. This causes the vessel to swell. This stops the blood flow or lymphatic fluid flow to the vessel, causing it to collapse and eventually get reabsorbed by the body.

Is sclerotherapy painful?

Just like any other injection, the most you may feel is a slight prick when the needle is administered. The procedure does not typically require anesthesia, though a topical numbing agent can be applied at the patientโ€™s request.

How long does sclerotherapy treatment take?

The procedure takes approximately 15-60 minutes, depending on how many veins need to be treated. The best part about sclerotherapy is that there is no recovery time afterward. You can get back to your regular routine immediately after the treatment. However, intense exercise should be avoided for a few days.

How many sessions of sclerotherapy are required?

This will vary from individual to individual, depending on the number of veins that need treatment. For mild cases, 1-2 sessions between 3-4 week intervals may be sufficient. Typically, 2-4 sessions are recommended for optimum results.

What sort of after-care instructions need to be followed after sclerotherapy?

Patients are recommended to wear compression garments following the sclerotherapy procedure. This helps minimize any bruising and speeds up the recovery process by maximizing the treatment results.

What are the side effects of sclerotherapy?

After the procedure, minimal side effects such as bruising, itchiness, swelling, skin discoloration, or redness around the injection site can be expected. However, these side effects are mild and gradually subside within a few weeks.

What happens if spider veins are left untreated?

Although they are typically non-life-threatening, spider veins have the potential to cause aches, pain, discomfort, or burning sensations in the affected area. However, many wish to get them treated for cosmetic reasons.

Do insurance plans cover sclerotherapy?

Since sclerotherapy is mainly performed for cosmetic reasons, insurance companies do not offer coverage for it. However, our rates are very affordable and accessible to many of our clients, making our sclerotherapy treatment worth every dollar.

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